Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back For More

I've been absent from this blog for awhile. I have a list growing on a post-it of all the things I intend to write about here. The list of excuses I have for not writing is long, but mostly uninteresting. I will spare you.

The important bit is, everyone seems to be healthy again, spring is finally arriving, the seedlings destined for my garden (and, ultimately, my tummy) are growing happily in my laundry closet under the light they stole from my reptiles, and there are finally days on my calendar with nothing written on them.

My zest for this particular subject - accessibility - was renewed this weekend at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX East) here in Boston. The PA crew did a lot of things right. The couple of things they could do better, I sat down and emailed them about. I heard back from arguably the most important person at Penny Arcade, and I know my suggestions are being taken seriously. It makes a heart feel good.

I will, eventually, write about my PAX experience. It will definitely rank amongst the raves, and not the rants. Before then, my honeymoon in St Lucia and my favorite hotel chain stateside are in the queue ahead of the Greatest Convention Ever. More posts coming soon!

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